21 tammikuuta 2014

About SOS Animals Spain

This is where everything begins. At a dog shelter out in the Spanish countryside. At a dog shelter I one sunny Saturday morning in January visit. I'm going to see all these cute dogs because I'm going to adopt one. Adopt a rescue-dog from a dog shelter in Spain. And this is where everything begins. At SOS Animals Spain. 

All pictures are borrowed from SOS Animals website and Facebook page.

SOS Animals have their dog shelter in Andalucia, Spain, and they adopt dogs mainly to Spain, Sweden and UK. You can read more about SOS Animals and their work on their website SOS Animals Spain, SOS Animals Sverige or SOS Animals UK. All work they do is depending on donations so please, if you want to help the dogs to get the best care they deserve, donate. Or if you can, save a life and give a beautiful dog a foster home or even better, a home for its life. The wonderful dogs and volunteers thank you.  

You can also follow SOS Animals on Facebook.

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